Every contact, every detail – now with photos! Staying in contact with your friends, family, and colleagues is easy enough, thanks to all of the classic award-winning Contacts 5 features. But what better way to remember everyone you know than to keep each of their photos? Storing photos with your contacts is just as easy as snapping them. Just copy your JPEG photos to your device’s expansion card, or drag-n-drop them into the Palm Install Tool(1). Or, if your handheld has a built-in camera, you have it made. Point, shoot, and set. Contacts 5 Photo Edition natively works with your photos – no additional software required.

Streamline your workflow. Let Contacts 5 Photo Edition’s updated interface help you navigate your contacts faster. You’ll enjoy the new, professional colors with eye-catching icons and easier-to-understand mnemonics. The new design doesn’t come at any price, though – there’s nothing new to learn. And, remember all of the gorgeous skins you used with the original Contacts 5? Use them with Contacts 5 Photo Edition, too – they’re compatible.

Product requirements. Contacts 5 Photo Edition requires a device with a 320×320 high-resolution (or better) display and Palm OS version 4.0 (or higher).

1) Most, but not all versions, of Palm Desktop support transferring JPEG photos into your handheld’s RAM. This capability depends on various features provided by your device as well as the version of Palm Desktop that was designed for your device.