Enter the revolution of Saguaro®, the most modern desktop-centric design that revolves around the same world-class ease of use that you enjoy from your Palm every time you turn it on. Already three years in the making, it’s the new application platform that combines everything you know about your personal computer and love about your Palm into the most stunning mobile operating system, ever.

Common knowledge is that if you want to do something on a mobile device, you’re going have to be somewhat devious. One application at a time means exiting out of open work (such as an e-mail you’re typing) to perform a quick task (finding a contact whose information you’d like to include in your e-mail). Tiny tasks don’t merit a screeching halt to whatever you’re doing, and neither should your productivity. At the heart of Saguaro® is a true multitasking kernel that allows multiple Saguaro-compatible applications to run simultaneously. And, it eliminates Palm OS limitations in the process, providing the most solid base upon which to build mobile software without breaking compatibility with your existing Palm OS applications. Saguaro® is the start of a revolution of mobile software, leaps and bounds ahead of anything else you’ve ever experienced on a mobile device.

Thought you’d never live to see the day that your Palm can seamlessly do windows just like your personal computer? Just because you need to switch tasks doesn’t mean your current work needs to be thrown out the window. Minimize that window and switch to another. Never before possible, it’s the easiest way to work on a mobile device.

They say the start of something great requires big thinking. When it comes to bringing the best of the large-scale Web to mobile devices, we think you’ll agree that the next big thing is smaller thinking. Think of widgets as the web gone mobile. No more endless scrolling up, down, and side-to-side to read the latest news, only to wish you had your laptop with you. Widgets are miniature applications, elegantly designed with enjoyment in mind, to get you the latest news, weather information, atomic time, and more to-go, live from the source. Nifty doesn’t even begin to describe them.

The Saguaro “Sneak Peek” includes the following widgets. Many more add-on widgets are currently under development. Have an idea for a new widget or want to create your own? Let us know.

CNN News. The latest news from CNN – delivered to your mobile device. Pick from Top Stories, World, U.S., Politics, Law, Technology, Science & Space, Health, Entertainment, and Travel categories to read relevant news.(2)

Weather. The Weather widget displays the latest weather information along with a detailed five-day forecast. And, to keep you up-to-date, this widget updates automatically every half-hour.(3)

ome widgets require Internet connectivity. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and data service connections are all supported by Saguaro. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections may require an ISP at an additional cost. Data services are provided by your phone carrier at an additional cost. Service available only within wireless coverage area. You are responsible for any charges incurred by your carrier as a result of using data service for Internet connectivity.

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Supports all Palm OS v5.0 (or higher) handhelds with 100 MHz StrongARM/XScale ARM processor or faster (300 MHz recommended for best performance), 3MB of storage memory (RAM) to install Saguaro system executable (PRC file), 4MB of free storage memory to operate Saguaro, and at least 2MB of dynamic heap memory. The more storage and dynamic memory available, the more applications/widgets can be run simultaneously inside Saguaro®. Most newer Palm handhelds (Tungsten T3, Tungsten T5, TX, Tungsten E2, Zire 72, LifeDrive, Treo 650, Treo 680, Treo 700p) fulfill the above requirements.

  1. True multitasking is supported only for Saguaro-compatible applications and widgets. Legacy Palm OS applications cannot multitask in the Saguaro environment without changes to core Palm OS components. (If you would like Saguaro to support multitasking of legacy applications, please contact Palm.) To provide the best compatibility, Saguaro closes itself when legacy applications are launched.
  2. News provided by © 2007 Cable News Network LP, LLLP.
  3. Weather data provided by The Weather Channel.